Kerchief aims to provide a single, simple format for automated testing tools, enabling interoperability and unification of your test pipeline.


Draft 01

The specification is currently in its very first draft. Assume this means instability as far as the general message format goes.

Using the specification

Other than directly referencing the raw json schema URL - - and using that as a schema for validation, you may also wish to use an already existing parser for validation. Finally, the spec is also available on npm and can be installed as follows:

$ yarn add --dev kerchief-spec@draft-01


Contributions are very welcome and there are many ways to contribute to Kerchief. Making your own producer, consumer, parser, validator or whatever else you can come up with, is a good way to gain traction for the project.

Contributing to the Kerchief spec itself is also encouraged. You can find the kerchief spec at kerchief/kerchief-spec. A little explanation on the branches: master is where the next update of the current draft is worked on. As such, pull requests should always be made against master. For minor updates, just creating a pull-request against master should be fine. For larger/more complex stuff, please open an issue with your suggestion to get the discussion flowing early.

Projects using Kerchief